Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking

Bank of Baroda, a pioneer Indian Bank in UK, is playing an active role in Wholesale Banking. Recognizing the advent of globalization of loan market, Bank has set up its fully dedicated 'Wholesale Banking' (WB) at London in the year 2000.

Through WB, Bank is an active player in Corporate Banking arrangement, participation and underwriting of Syndicated loan transactions in both the primary and secondary markets. With Bank’s presence in 21 countries, especially in globally active loan markets such as Singapore, UAE, Hongkong, Europe, India, etc, WB covers the entire global assets. Working in close co-ordination with Corporate Level ‘International Merchant Banking Cell’ at Mumbai, WB plays a major role in overseas 'acquisitions and mergers' of Indian Companies and arranging credit facilities/financial packages for overseas projects.

Wholesale Banking

WB offers and undertakes

  • Complete loan origination and distribution on Syndication, Club Deal or Bilateral basis
  • Participation in the loans syndicated by other arrangers through primary and secondary market
  • Arranging ECBs/ FCTL for Indian Corporates on Club Deal or Bilateral basis
  • Acting as Facility Agent, Security Trustee, Escrow / DSRA maintenance
  • Acting as Process Agents in UK for Indian Corporates borrowing loans from other banks

In fast changing financial markets, WB continuously looks to introduce and adopt new products for lending and investment so as to offer better solutions to our clients.

For more information on WB’s products & services, we may be contacted at

Phone : +44 (0) 20 7457 1531/18
Fax : +44 (0) 20 7457 1509
E-Mail : gsc.uk@bankofbaroda.com

Treasury Operations

In earlier part of this century, with changing Global economic environment in general and Indian environment in particular, Bank of Baroda has set-up a Specialized Integrated Treasury Branch (SITB) in Mumbai. This integrated approach, initiated by Bank, is now being emulated by other peer banks.

In UK, Bank of Baroda has adopted a focused approach towards improving efficiency and profitability by successful integration of operations of different financial markets, viz. Domestic Money, Investments, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives and has made its mark as an important player in the marketplace.

Bank has started the concept of institutional banking and has been active in money market operations and it acts as a quoting bank to other financial institutions/banks in UK., outside U.K and India.

Bank’s treasury operations in London is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and handles almost all types of financial transactions, both for effective management of resources and its efficient deployment, besides timely compliance of regulatory requirements.

Investment Operations

The Investment Department undertakes to deploy funds for better yield. Investments are done in various Fixed Rate / Floating Rate Notes in India and OECD Countries. The funds are also invested in Corporate / Financial Institutions Bonds, Government Securities of U.K., U.S., German and other selected Nations, Credit Linked Notes and other Derivative Products.

The Department also undertakes Investments activities on behalf of it's other money centres like New York, Brussels, Singapore, Hongkong, Mauritius and OBU Nassau etc. Assistance is also offered in Sale / Purchase of Securities and holding the securities through its Depository Service providers.

Investment operations are undertaken both in Primary and Secondary market for Investments in issues rated not below investment grade.

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