Baroda Monthly

Baroda Monthly is a deposit product that enables customers to earn monthly interest on their fixed deposits. This product facilitates customers in meeting their recurring monthly expenses.

While the minimum deposit amount is £10000 there is no maximum ceiling for Baroda Monthly. Customers may fix their deposits from 1 to 5 years.

Interest as applicable will be paid every month on the date of initial deposit and will be credited to the respective operative account. Customers may also avail overdraft facility or loan up to 90% of deposit at applicable rate.



Baroda Annual

Baroda Annual is a deposit product offered to customers who wish to benefit from long-term investment options with annual interest payout facility.

The impressive feature of Baroda Annual is that the interest will be credited to the customer’s operative account on a yearly frequency for fixed deposits with more than 1 year maturity.

Through Baroda Annual, customers would benefit from interest income credited to their operative account annually, which otherwise gets accrued and paid only on maturity. This annually credited interest income may be used by customers to meet their one time annual commitments like Club Membership Fees, Insurance Premiums, etc. Baroda Annual would also enable customers to rationalize payment of tax.

Thus, Baroda Annual offers a mix of attractive returns on long term deposits and liquidity for meeting one-off annual expenses.


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