Baroda Flexi

Baroda Flexi Deposit product stands withdrawn w.e.f. 19th August, 2013 hence no new accounts or renewals will be accepted under this scheme.

Baroda Flexi

Baroda Flexi is a flexible deposit product for more reasons than one. It offers customers the flexibility to deposit variable monthly deposits and earn higher returns. More so, customers may open Baroda Flexi for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years and may deposit amounts from £100 to £10,000 in a calendar month.

Key features

  • Initial minimum deposit as low as £100.
  • Flexibility to deposit any amount from £100 to £10,000 in a calendar month, subject to a ceiling of 10 times the initial amount committed at the time of opening the account.
  • Multiple deposits during a month also permitted, subjected to ceiling of £10,000.
  • Flexible deposit period – from 1 to 5 years.
  • No penalty for non deposit during any month(s).
  • Attractive interest rates apply to Baroda Flexi accounts.
  • Interest will be paid on a daily product basis and will be credited to the Flexi account on the 1st June/ 1st December.
  • Auto renewal facility available at no extra charge.
  • Facility for loan/ overdraft up to 90% of balance of deposit also offered.
  • Flexibility to deposit instalments at any of our UK branches / remit through
  • Alternately, customers may set standing instruction ‘free of charge’ for a
    fixed amount payable on a monthly basis from any operative account with us.
  • Alternately, customers may setup standing instruction with their existing
    bank to transfer fixed amounts each month to credit their Baroda Flexi account.

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