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(16/11/2018 )
Up to GBP 100091.00
GBP 1001 to GBP 500091.35
GBP 5001 to GBP 15000 91.45


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Why transfer with Bank of Baroda?

Remit money to India from any place at any time.

Competitive exchange rate.

Free remittances to Bank of Baroda in India.

Remit from any bank in the UK, other than Bank of Baroda,
to any bank in India.

Funds credited to account next working day in India.

How to send money to India in 3 easy steps
Register OnlineRemit Funds OnlineAdd Beneficiary Details
Please note
  • Trade payments are not permitted and the beneficiary must be an individual.
  • A maximum of £10,000 can be remitted per day.
  • Funds must be transferred from your personal account otherwise the funds will be returned to the account it originated from after deducting our handling fee of £1.
  • Charges for remitting money to other banks will be deducted from the funds transferred and the balance amount will get remitted. For example, if you transfer £5001 then we shall deduct £10 and the balance of £4991 will get sent to India.
  • Your exchange rate will be based on the total amount transferred to us. For example, if you transfer £5001 then the exchange rate is applicable on this amount though £4991 is the amount that gets transferred once our handling fee is deducted.
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