Loan Products

Loan Products

Bank has set-up a specialised Central Processing Cell (CPC) at Group Control Office, London for sanction of retail as well as corporate loans. The major objectives of this specialised cell are to

  • Have focussed attention
  • Carry out quality processing
  • Offer minimum turnaround time
Loan Products

Key Features

  • Corporate loans
  • Loans to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs for purchase of Capital equipments and for other purposes
  • Finance against properties for investment/working capital purposes
  • Loan/overdraft against our Bank’s own deposit, kept with any branch of Bank of Baroda. We also grant loan/overdraft against 3rd party deposits with our Bank.
  • Scheme for financing Traders and small businesses
  • Eligible for individuals, joint account holders, sole proprietary concerns, partnership firms, limited companies etc.

Corporate Loans

  • Bank provides fund based and non-fund based facilities for Trade Finance, Project Finance, Working Capital, Acquisitions and Loans upto 7 years.
  • Trade Finance - Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit, Discounting of Bills/ Bills under LC, financing against Standby Letter of Credit etc.
  • Multi-currency loan & overdraft facility in USD, GBP and Euro
  • Cross border loan for business purpose

Securities required are

  • 1st or 2nd Legal charge on land & building, plant & machinery and other tangible assets
  • 1st debenture charge in case of Limited Companies
  • Lien on fixed deposits/assignment on Life Insurance policies
  • Bank may consider, on merit, the loans against intangible securities as well which includes personal guarantees, charge on the patent rights or goodwill

Rate of interest : Competitive rate of interest linked to GBP SONIA (or) Bank of England Base Rate.

Working Capital facilities

Facilities i.e. Overdraft, Bills Purchased, Bills Discounted etc are extended to meet working capital requirements

  • Eligible for sole proprietary concerns, partnership firms, Limited companies etc.
  • Securities accepted are 1st or 2nd legal charge on tangible assets. Debentures, assignments, lien on fixed deposits etc. Additionally, bank may consider, on merit, the facility against intangible securities as well, which includes personal guarantees, charges on the patent rights or goodwill.

Rate of interest : Competitive rate of interest linked to GBP SONIA (or) Bank of England Base Rate.

Non Fund based Services

  • Opening of Letter of Credit
  • Confirming Letter of Credit
  • Negotiating Letter of Credit
  • Issuance of Bank Guarantee
  • Collection of Documentary Bills, Cheques, Traveller's Cheque & Postal Orders

Forex business

Bank offers Foreign Exchange Services for purchase / sale in all tradable currencies

  • Purchase of foreign currencies from Exporters
  • Sale of foreign currencies to Importers
  • Purchase of foreign currencies of Inward Remittances
  • Sale of foreign currencies for Outward Remittances
  • Forward purchase of future in streams of foreign currencies
  • Forward sale of future outflow of foreign currencies.
  • Cross currency swaps.
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