Loan Products

Bank has set-up a specialised Central Processing Cell (CPC) at Group Control Office, London for sanction of retail as well as corporate loans. The major objectives of this specialised cell are to –

a) Have focussed attention

b) Carry out quality processing

c) Offer minimum turnaround time

Key Offers

  • Corporate loans
  • Loans to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs for purchase of Capital equipments and for other purposes
  • Finance against properties for investment/working capital purposes
  • Loan/overdraft against our Bank’s own deposit, kept with any branch of Bank of Baroda. We also grant loan/overdraft against 3rd party deposits with our Bank.
  • Scheme for financing Traders and small businesses
  • Eligible for individuals, joint account holders, sole proprietary concerns, partnership firms, limited companies etc.
Corporate Loans :
Securities required are :

Rate of interest : Competitive rate of interest linked to Libor

Working Capital facilities :

Facilities i.e. Overdraft, Bills Purchased, Bills Discounted etc are extended to meet working capital requirements -

Rate of interest : Competitive rate of interest linked to Libor

Non Fund based Services :



Forex business :

Bank offers Foreign Exchange Services for purchase / sale in all tradable currencies -

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