Baroda Smart Sweep

Baroda Smart Sweep

Baroda Smart Sweep is a Savings/Current Deposit Bank product with an auto sweep facility to short-term deposits. The product has 2 components - a savings/current account component and a fixed deposit component.

The product is being offered to individuals including minors, salaried people, businessmen, self-employed, professionals, traders and high net worth individuals (HNIs) and Non-Individuals (Firms, Companies and Corporates) . Beneficially for customers, deposits above £1000 and in multiples of £100 automatically gets swept from savings account to the linked fixed deposit account , earning higher returns. In case of Current Accounts, deposits above £5000 and in multiple of £1000 gets transferred from Current Account to linked fixed deposit account earning higher returns. The period of fixed deposit in either case being six months.

If and when the customer needs funds more than his savings / current account balance, a reverse sweep order will immediately be auto-triggered to meet the customers liquidity needs. To benefit customers with maximum returns, while reverse-sweep, LIFO system (Last in first out) is followed. Thus the product offers customers dual benefit of 'liquidity' through the savings / current component and 'hi-return' through the linked fixed deposit component.

Specific benefits over and above regular Fixed Deposit are

  • Auto-sweep facility to short-term fixed deposits for balance above and £1000 and £5000 in case of Saving and Current Accounts respectively.
  • Reverse-sweep facility to linked savings account for increased liquidity.
  • Tenure of fixed deposits - six months, earning good returns.
  • Smart fund management through system driven sweep and auto sweep facilities.
  • Summary Box of Baroda Smart Sweep Account PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. (146 KB)
  • Overdraft Cost Calculator
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