Baroda Click Funds2India

Baroda Click Funds2India

Important Information: New user registrations under Baroda Click Funds 2 India product have been temporarily closed w.e.f. 20th January 2022, hence no new user applications will be accepted at this time. We will notify the same on our website, once we resume new user registrations.
Important Information Notice to Click Fund2India Remittance Service Users: Unavailability of Click Funds2India (CF2I) Service from 6:00AM on 16th November 2022 to 10:00PM on 22nd November 2022 due to scheduled maintenance activity, requirement of submitting latest KYC and profile information to continue to use CF2I Service and changes to transaction limits

Dear Sir/Madam,


In view of the scheduled maintenance of our Click Funds2India portal, the Click Funds2India service will not be available to the users from 6:00 AM on 16th November 2022 to 10:00 PM on 22nd November 2022. Any rupee remittance request received on these dates both dates inclusive will not be processed, and funds would be returned back to same account where we would receive them from. Please make alternate arrangements for doing any urgent transactions during these dates. 

In order to conduct regular review of your user account with us for using the Click Funds2India remittance service you may be asked to submit your latest Identity, Address and profile information once you login to Click Funds2India portal and may not be allowed to initiate the transaction until the information submitted to us is reviewed and approved by CF2I team. The review of information submitted to us may take up to -5- working days from the date of your submission of this information in the Click Funds2India portal and our Click Funds2India team will contact you if you may require any additional information in this regard.

Please also note that the revised per transaction limit is £6000.00 and the transaction limit per financial year is £20,000.00 with effective from 18th November 2022.

You may also write to us at for any further information or clarification in this matter.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards

Team - Click Funds2India.

Exchange Rate (Rates for 02/12/2022)

  • GBP/INR Up to £1,000
    Rate INR 97.75
  • GBP/INR £1,001 - £5,000
    Rate INR 98.10
  • GBP/INR £5,001 - £15,000
    Rate INR 98.20

Why Transfer with Bank of Baroda?

  • Remit money to India from any place at any time.
  • Competitive exchange rate.
  • Free remittances to Bank of Baroda in India subject to Terms & Conditions
  • Remit from any bank in the UK, other than
  • Bank of Baroda, to any bank in India.
  • Funds credited to account next working day in India.

Baroda Click Funds2India

Baroda Click Funds2India Login

How to send money to India in 3 easy steps

Step 01 - Register Online

Send Money to India from United Kingdom

For New Customer Only

Looking for a convenient way to send money online from UK to India? Then you have come to the right place. To get started, first create your online ‘Click Funds2India’ account.

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with your registration details along with a list of documents required by us. Post the documents to the address mentioned in the email. Once we receive your documents we will activate your account and send a confirmation email. On receiving the email, you can start using your ‘Click Funds2India’ account to remit money to India.

Send Money to India from United Kingdom

Step 02 - Remit Funds Online

Bank & Wire Money Transfer to India from United Kingdom

For New Customer Only

To remit money to India use the internet banking facility offered by your bank and transfer the funds to the below Click Funds2India account.

  • Account Name CF2I
  • Account Number 92001149
  • Sort Code 60 93 71
Bank & Wire Money Transfer to India from United Kingdom

Step 03 - Add Beneficiary Details

Remit to India from United Kingdom

After completing step 2, you should immediately log on to your Click Funds2India account and add the beneficiary details.

Once you submit the beneficiary details, your Click Funds2India account will show the remittance details with the status ‘Funds Awaited’.

Once the remittance is completed, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from us and your Click Funds2India account will get updated to the status ‘Remittance effected’.

Now you have completed the steps to transfer money to India.

Remit to India from United Kingdom


  • Trade payments are not permitted and the beneficiary must be an individual.
  • A maximum of £10,000 can be remitted per day.
  • Funds must be transferred from your personal account otherwise the funds will be returned to the account it originated from after deducting our handling fee of £1.
  • Charges for remitting money to other banks will be deducted from the funds transferred and the balance amount will get remitted. For example, if you transfer £5001 then we shall deduct £10 and the balance of £4991 will get sent to India.
  • Your exchange rate will be based on the total amount transferred to us. For example, if you transfer £5001 then the exchange rate is applicable on this amount though £4991 is the amount that gets transferred once our handling fee is deducted.
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